Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Taft Food Experience

The only reason why I gained so much weight in college: the Taft food experience. The first thing on my agenda when I got to DLSU was to try all the food stalls and also the restaurants that surrounded it. Now here's my list (so far) of go to places whenever I feel like eating a light snack or gobbling my way til my next class starts.
  1. Jus & Jerry's – you'd usually find me sitting here with my friends while waiting for my next class to start. It's located at the back of the EGI tower and I'd usually go here since this is where the fast wifi is. It's cheap and yummy chinese food and maybe you'd just catch a glimpse of the gwapo owner who works behind the counter. (Not really sure if he's Jus or if he's Jerry though)

  2. Rap's – a steak house where you can order a regular steak that is as big as your plate for only 140 pesos and also for their buttery gravy that they serve you by the jugs! Pour it on your sauce and add some Worstershire sauce and voila! Fatty goodness here I come!

  3. Bagnet – located at the back of the Providence tower, this resto serves you Bagnet, the Ilocano version of crispy pata, in different ways. They serve it sisig style, sinigang and my favorite, Kare-kareng bagnet! The price is worth the taste and if you're lucky (or a die hard music fan) you may catch some bands practicing at the 2nd floor of the building.

  4. Goodles – located at the 2nd floor of the University Mall, it's kind of hidden from the public eye since it's tucked away in one of the nooks of the mall. It has this creative kick to it and they serve their pasta in creative ways and in cute cups. I first went there with my blockmates to eat while waiting for a talk in school one late night and I discovered that they serve pretty large servings! My favorite there is the Basic Meat which is Lasagna and is packed with Mozerella that stretches when you get to pull that first scoop of pasta out! Perfect to share with your friends or even with a date.

  5. Lunchbox – A korean resto located in the EGI Tower that serves cheap meals. My fave there is the Tonkatsu mayo which I add more mayo to it (hehe fatty goodness). Perfect to do your papers there after eating.

  6. Mrs. Friedrice – A Zobel original and is know back there as Mr. Friedrice. But now it seems that it got married with a new name and is a go to place for a very cheap rice meal located in Agno. My fave there is the Beef with 2 pieces of croquettes. The store is very close to my heart since I used to buy food from there back when I was about to run our of money in every Zobel Fair.
I also found a map filled with the restos that surround Taft from a blog of a foodie! (

There are a lot of food stalls to eat in and around DLSU but these are my top go to places. If you wanna find me, I'm probably in one of these places. If there a new places that deserve to be included here, don't be shy to tell me!

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