Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Stalker Vibes

I wanted to start the year off with a list of people that are sure to entertain you. There are a lot of talented people out there that are just waiting to be discovered and I firmly believe that I have found them. (and also since I'm friends or schoolmates with these people hehe sorry for the bias). Anyways, the people that I've chosen are actually masters in their own craft (chos) and are very passionate in what they do. So here is my list of people who are “follow worthy” or even worthy enough to stalk when it comes to their respective arts.  

The lead singer of Jaira the Gathering who always kicks ass most especially when it comes to the DLSZ Battle of the Bands. This girl composes her own songs and also does covers and uploads them in her soundcloud page. I just admire people who get to compose their own songs + play the piano. Teach me please huhuhu :-(

This guy is really amazing! I heard him sing back in high school during school events and it's something that girls fall in love with. He also performed in one of my friend's debut just recently and they also went head over heels. His covers are really something especially when he sings together with his two friends backing him up. There aren't much songs in his soundcloud and youtube account but they're still very worthy to listen to! Just someone to fangirl over. ~o.o~

Gaby Dasig of www.gmbd.tumblr.com

They're actually 3 sisters and they are the oldest among 7 children and belong to a family of great singers and musicians. I once rode with them from Tagaytay and they all started singing. I swear all of their voices are like angels to me. Dani is the oldest who majors in European Studies in Ateneo and is part of the Ateneo Glee Club and usually travels to Europe and competes in different competitions. Ica (who unfortunately doesn't have a blog) is the 2nd who studies in DLSU and Gaby who also majors in International Studies but in DLSU. Their blogs play around their usual lives, events and also plays on their fashionable side. Get to know them even more through their blog posts and who knows, you might just fall in love with them. (Oops, sorry guys. They're both off the market.)

I met Vikki through a close friend just this year and I can honestly say that she's the nicest and sweetest girl on earth! She studies in DLSU and at the same time goes to the School of Fashion and the Arts or SOFA. This fashion forward lady has her own unique style - mga tipong #ootd or outfit of the day if di ka twitter at instagram person.


Maxine Marcelino of www.maxinemarcelino.com

I met Max a few years ago in a badminton camp in QC and we've been close ever since. When we both stopped, she went on and started on her Ballroom dancing career and now studies in Ateneo. She's very fashionable and also has a very special love for make up. Her blog focuses on different brands of make up, critics them and also uploads video tutorials on how to properly apply the make up on yourselves.


She's a common name here in my blog and also a very dear friend of mine from high school. She's currently taking up Architecture in UST. Her blog consists of her personal life with her family and friends and also features the projects that she makes for her classes. If only I was this creative, I would've posted all my artworks and projects online but no.... :-( This girl is totally follow worthy with the creativeness that just flows out of her mind (or hands. whichever)

Angie used to be my badminton varsity teammate back when I was still playing for Zobel in high school and whenever we'd visit her house in Laguna, her room  and notebooks are full of her artwork. She used to doodle in all of my  books and notebooks and I swear it was that kind of artistic work that I have been looking for all of my life. Check out her blog and you'll see her crazy adventures with her friends and also have sneak peeks to her drawings! Enjoy!

Mike is a blogger and also a photographer and his blog shows just that. He is currently the Photography Associate to Bjorn Manila. His blog has a lot of interesting editorials featuring (mostly) his friends and I super love his pegs and how he edits his pictures! I'm such a fan! 


Josh is currently a DLSU frosh taking up Marketing Management as his course and also took up some photography lessons in the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging. That's why he's so good at it! He usually takes pictures of the places he goes to and also the interesting architectural feats that he encounters. I love how everything is so picturesque and I really think this deserves to be stalked.

Javi is a really good friend of mine and I've known him since the 5th grade. Being a DLSU freshman and also part of the Animo Squad, his love for photography shines through. Like Josh, he takes pictures of the places that he goes to and most especially - what he loves. His shots are so nice and exact that it just wants me to stay in that moment. Kudos to you, Javi! 

There you have it guys! So stalk away and I'll see you next year for the next Stalker Vibes post!

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