Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gift Idea: Royale Products

I know this post is way past Christmas but you can always give these as a late Christmas gift to your friends and family that you won't be seeing until January!

My parents joined Royale Business  Club about a year ago and even though some of you guys would think it's totally bogus - it worked pretty well for them! Anyways my parents, together with their own team, are selling these products for all of you to enjoy! I was actually thinking to join so that I could actually earn a little without really working that much so this will be my first try on it.

I actually just introduced it to you since it's still the season of giving and it isn't too late to give your loved ones! It solves the hassle of going to the mall and looking through different stores just to end up buying something that they wouldn't really use or need. Plus I do use these and they're really good! Here's just some of their products that I regularly use now especially with all that added weight gain. 

Fiberich is 100% Psyllium Seed Husk which helps eliminate constipation, aids in blood sugar management and also helps you lose all that Christmas weight! What I usually do is I mix it in my fruit juices whenever I'd eat and it's not that bad! Just imagine drinking those Nesvita drinks that contains oats. It's really good for your health and for the health conscious.

Fitshape contains pills that have L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract in it to ~well duh~ to lose weight. Hahaha what's new with me right? It gives you an added energy boost and cleans your bloodstream. Who wouldn't want to be healthy enough to celebrate the incoming year with your friends and family right?

Whenever I'd stay up late doing school papers, I'd usually opt for this instead of just getting your usual 3 in 1 coffees. It has your usual coffee, cream and sugar but it also has 5 more ingredients which are proteins, spirulina, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and ginseng. These ingredients help you stay awake even longer and gives you enough brain power to whatever activity you're doing.

They also have their own Ascorbic Acid! Nowadays, it's such a hassle (and expensive) to get sick and be absent from school or work for a few days. Time is money right? Whenever I'd feel a little bit under the weather, I'd start drinking this to boost up my immune system.

L-GlutaPower Whitening Lotion isn't just your regular whitening lotion. It also has a really strong anti-oxidant agent that makes you look younger. It actually smells like those Victoria's Secret lotions and perfumes that's why I love using this product! Plus it's way cheaper and it actually has some health benefits to you too!

My youngest brother doesn't eat like a normal person (and I don't know why haha). He usually sticks to instant noodles, chocolates and stuff far from what a usual child should really eat. What my dad did was he makes him drink this. It's chocolate, so that he'd drink it, and it gives him the right vitamins and minerals to actually still make him healthy. Although it's not really recommended to just feed your child with this only. Hahaha be a responsible parent!

So that's just some of the few things that I do use and I recommend you guys to try it out too! If you want to order just contact Glenda at 09178615314 and you guys can talk about the delivery and maybe give you some discounts since you found out about it from me! You can also ask me directly by leaving a comment in the comment box below.

Visit their facebook page by clicking this link.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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