Thursday, December 27, 2012


Here comes the new year resolutions that no one keeps. Hahaha just to join the bandwagoned hashtags.


cutting classes (oops, sorry mom and dad)
over eating – and yes, I had my fill of Taft food already thank you very much
being a fat ass – and also a lazy one if I may add

That's actually all.... Hahaha but I'd like to make my own hashtag as well.


Instead of mentioning to the whole twitter world what you have been doing wrong, why don't you tell them what they will be expecting from you in 2013. Surprise them! I'll start it off.

#Youllseein2013 me walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Chos!

Make it big and crazy. Remember: Libre lang mangarap!

Double chos, feeling cyber-popular para magpasimuno ng hashtag mania. Hahaha.

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