Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Bipolar 2012

Here's a recap of my 2012! Pictures say a thousand words, but Isay can still add more to that. Things can get personal and I think we're all mature enough to accept these facts.

New Year's Celebration (January)

JS Prom (February)

Graduation Day (March)

Grad Ball (March)

Ilocos Trip  (April)

Maica's Birthday (May)

Enzo, Sarah and Vjohn's Birthdays (June)

School Conference (July)

Science Field Trip to Hidden Valley (July)

Z-Ave U Night (July)

Met some of my cousins from the States for the first time (August)

Bianca's 18th  (August)

Maxine's 18th (August)

My 18th (September)

Ftdance Finals + Manila Pen with my blockmates (November)

Remix: Heroes of Faith Competition (November)

Chuchay's 18th (December)

The year went by really fast. I honestly didn't even notice it. I guess that's how busy I am with college and you can say that I'm living the life.

The last 3 months of high school and a part of summer was a rollercoaster ride. Emotionally and physically speaking. Everyone was so stuck in the moment and I was more than ready to move on to college. I love every single one of my friends and they will forever be in my heart. I just wish I didn't move too fast and just stayed in the moment. Nonetheless, high school taught me a lot of things. Now it's time to look into the future.

My relationship sadly ended and I guess it's been long enough to actually talk about it without really getting hurt. People have been coming up with different reasons why we actually broke up when it's not actually the truth. Even though you're happy with each other, there will be things that will be more prioritized than it. And you guys know what's important to me. Being mature is also one thing. You also need to know how to take care of a person. Although there were many regrets, I just wanna thank that person for making me happy in my last year in high school. Thanks for making me happy and also making my family happy. For me, letting my family and especially my parents get involved in a relationship is very important and that's what made it extra special. Hope you're doing great also. You know who you are. :)

College started and it was what I was waiting for; to get into my dream school and dream course. It honestly was the best feeling ever. I met incredible people and I'm more than lucky to be in a group of very special girls (and also boylaloos) that I can spend everyday with. You guys are the reasons why I get excited to go to class everyday (well.... hahaha wag na. Alam niyo na yun) and you guys make every sleepless night worth it. Thank you for all the laughs and unforgetable memories. Sucks that we got deblocked already but I hope I still get to take some classes with you guys. To my Hegemons / Hegebabies and Hegesluts: Alex, Bianca, Jasmina, Sarah, Kim, Pat and Reg aka Zombs plus the Hegepapas / Hegedaddys: Vjohn, Enzo, Miguel and Gelo, Thanks for making the past 7 months worthwhile! Love you guys! <3

I think there's a special guy out there who deserves some kind of recognition. You know who you are. I just hope everything (and everyone) is mature enough to accept it already.

To all the ups and downs and crazy bipolar turns that this year had for me, I really had a great time enjoying every single crap it threw at me. In every door that life closes, another one will soon reopen.

Wishing everyone a great 2013! Hope you guys don't forget about me!

With all my hugs and kisses and punches that I can throw at you,


  1. galing naman! love you and hegemons love you very much!!! :*

  2. Hi, Ate Isay. Just want to tell you na you're one of those people I look up to. 'Di tayo close eh. Pero... wala lang. (Creepy? Sorry.)Hehe. Happy New Year! :)

  3. Bianca: I love you too! Besties for lyffff <3

  4. Hello Anonymous person! Thanks for the really sweet comment. Happy New Year to you too! <3


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