Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Year End Special

WARNING: Really long posts ahead with generous doses of pictures and words.

My blog has been up and running for almost a year now. I'm in Naga City right now and I remember how I actually started this blog here a year ago after reading my friends own blogs. Special mention to Audrey Navia of! Kudos to her that she still gets to update it every once in a while with her events and arki projects (unless you wanna read my 10,000 word essays on the government which I think would be hell for you all)

First of all, I'd like to thank all those who read my blogs since December of last year when I was still updating this regularly and until now when I just surprise you with posts that was long overdue. Thanks for all the support and it actually makes me feel really good that I have a place where I can still write for leisure.

I know my blog has been dead for quite some time. Well, I've been really busy with college and if you guys did read my posts around January, college is a really big thing for me. Not to disappoint but I'm really enjoying it and doing really good. I think it would be hell for me to write posts here then cram thousands of words in an academic paper that no one really cares about. So I hope that the posts that I write every once in a while is still very much appreciated.

I also haven't been taking pictures of what I've been doing. Too busy enjoying the moment I guess. Although, having an iPhone5 wouldnt been so bad and it will let me take more pictures. (Parents, please read this. I've been a really good girl)

So enjoy the next few posts that I'll be writing here! You know the drill, it's the holidays and I'm stuffing my face with lots and lots of food! 

Happy Holidays everybody!  <3 

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