Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pre-college fiasco

Can I just rant how annoyed I am with my brother since he hasn't even started filling up any college application forms but UP?? Okay, I'm just really annoyed because I remember that a year ago, I was so excited about filling them in, choosing my course, getting recommendation forms and submitting them to the school. What happened?? UGHHH.


1) Get those forms filled up and submit them asap cause you guys will definitely regret it for waiting til the very last minute

2) Don't even think of being chill about the entrance exams like what I did cause it really sucks to sit down in an Ateneo grade school classroom and you couldn't do anything but stare at the rain outside cause you couldn't answer any math problem in their test. TRUE STORY. So get your act together and study. Little tip: Focus on Math if you're aiming for Ateneo, Science AND Math in La Salle and if just don't be careless and don't bother answering the questions that you know in the UP test.

3) Better be there early. I was 6 hours early for my UP test and it gave me ample time to go around the campus and explore.

4) Don't be afraid to try. What annoys me the most is the fact that my mom keeps discouraging my brother to apply for different schools cause he might not pass. UGHHHH PLEASE. EVERYONE SHOULD BE GIVEN A CHANCE. So just do it. Don't be afraid. There's nothing bad about trying. It's better to have a lot of choice when the results come out than having no choice at all.

5) And don't forget to have fun while applying. :) I sure did. It gave me that first taste of college and independence.

Good luck with the tests, Seniors '13! Hopefully I'll be able to see a lot of you along Taft Avenue next school year!

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