Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday the 13th

I had to go back to DLSU last Friday since I was performing for this event. The pep rally was happening and at the same time also the alternative class that I needed to attend for my FITWELL class. Talk about hassle. Well, I went to Taft in the afternoon and I was an hour late for my rehearsal with Z-Ave. After that, I decided to watch the pep rally and I can say that some of the team's mini performances were totally hilarious! Especially the basketball team cause I couldn't stop laughing. HAHAHA.

Good luck to all the athletes competing in the Season 75 of the UAAP!!

After the Pep Rally, I had to take a pedicab to Village Square Harrison since that's where we were performing that night in Victory. We had to rehearse a little before the performance. It all happened so fast and I really had no idea why. Hahaha. Sorry for the pictures. The lighting was really bad so all the pictures are blurry and we had no good pictures nor a video during the performance. Btw, it was my first performance with Z-ave!!

Hihi if you guys didn't know, I joined Z-ave as my starting group. It's the perfect group since the practices aren't as stressful or as hectic as LSDC or Skittlez (but I wouldn't complain if I do get into those dance groups hihi). Z-ave started off as an exclusive group for students in DLSU who came from DLSZ but ever since Katz became leader, she ruled it out and anyone from DLSU or CSB is welcome to audition and join the group. :) So if you want us to perform in any gig, don't hesitate to contact us! Hihi, we have a Facebook page!!

It was raining really hard in Taft after the gig and I couldn't find a bus going back to Alabang so I was literally stranded! :( huhu but thank goodness for friends cause I found out that Chill Pill was in Beach at around 3 and they were still there at around 7 so I met up with them there and I couldn't be happier! So happy that I got to meet up with them and they were sorta complete. Hoping for more nights like those!

Btw, i didn't drink okay... Please refer to the cup of Starbucks that I'm holding.. -____- (hi mom and dad)

Since it was really flooded in Taft at that time, I went with Clai and stayed in her house til my parents got to pick me up near Don Bosco. Thanks for accommodating me, Clai!

Oh, and since it was really flooded in Taft, a part of the South bound road from Quirino to Vito Cruz caved in due to the heavy rains that happened that night. Unfortunately, my building (Andrew Building) is located beside the road where it happened. Huhu good luck to everybody going to school tomorrow. Hope it already got fixed. Stay safe everybody!!

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