Sunday, July 15, 2012

To my 14 year old self

Dear 14 year old self,

First of all, I'd like to say that you're now in high school and things will be different. Well, not as different like how it is now in college but you get the point. It's different when you were in 7th grade. Your grades will drop, your current friends will not be the same people you'll be hanging out with and a lot will change about you. Physically, emotionally and mentally. But I'd still want to welcome you to the new chapter of your life, High School.

The next 4 years will literally be a roller coaster ride for you. So many ups and downs will come your way but don't forget that you'll always have that someone that will always help you get back up. You'd have a lot of goals and expectations for yourself. You'll go through insecurities, fights, mood swings and DEFINITELY a lot of heart aches. But let's start with the basics.

Do good in your studies. Don't be a lazy ass like you always are. I believe that you're just a really late bloomer. You'll develop your studiousness once you get to Junior year. But it would really be best if you start now. There's a lot of struggles now in college cause the course that you'll later discover entitles you to a lot of reading and writing. I know you've been eyeing on being a lawyer since forever and that's what I'm most proud of you. I didn't have a hard time of deciding on a course because at a really young age, I know what I wanted. I also know that you've wanted nothing more but to go to college ASAP. I gotta tell you that college is really fun but don't try to grow up so fast. Everything has their time.

Now with family. I know that you're currently in your rebellious stage. It's the stage where you wanted nothing more but to get a really nice phone to text your friends, to go to town anytime you want with your friends just to watch a really nice movie and go window shopping or how badly you wanted to move out of your house once you started college. I'll tell you what, it will all change. It changes with maturity. They just want the best for you and I know that even if they're really strict now, one day you'll learn how to understand them and take back all that you're saying now. They're really cool. One day, you'll be able to open up to them about anything. Well, not much about the love life thing but it's getting there. With maturity comes great responsibility. You'll get there. Hang on, buddy. I know it's tough.

You'll meet a lot of friends in the coming years. A lot of people will come your way and it's either they're keepers or just passing by. But always remember that you have 3 great friends that I'm gonna bet will stay in your life forever. Please don't take them for granted because they want nothing but the best for you and whatever they do, understand it or not, will always be for your own sake. Be there for them also because you all have been through a lot. This friendship will last forever so please don't do anything stupid to break it. College is the place to make all these connections. Don't worry, I think you'll be fine. I trust you because you're good at making friends.

And lastly, your love life. Don't be bitter. I know the feeling now of being rejected and being in a total state of pain. I know it's cheesy and all but a lot will pass by. Don't fall too quickly.  Don't let your guard down and only choose who to trust because they might look nice but they're intentions are really wrong. Especially now in college, boys are different. So please take care of your heart because these experiences will change you. I cannot exaggerate on how important this final reminder is. If only I can turn back time. Please learn from past mistakes and don't do it again. It's one thing to be happy and it's another to get hurt. PLEASE TAKE CARE.

So hang on tight because it's gonna be one hell of a ride.

I will always accept your for who you are whatever you go through because that's what made me who I am right now. Everything is just happening 5 minutes late. Something that would have been really helpful before is just coming to you now. Let's just think of it as bad timing. Try to be positive. I love you kiddo.

Love your 17 year old self.

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