Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Maica!

I know this is super late but it's such a waste if I don't post it. :(


okay, fine. I'm sorry, it's Melay.

Thank you for being the best best friend anyone can ask for! We've been through so much together and I just wanna thank you for always having my back all day, everyday!

So let's start from the very beginning. A very good place to start (CHOZ)

I met you Freshmen year and you were a new student coming from Woodrose. FYI, Friend anniversary natin June 13. Just saying.

Here's one of our earliest pictures together. Back when we were really thin and I still had that terrible rebonded hair. I remember you introducing yourself in front of the whole class as "Maniac Maica" cause you needed to introduce yourself with an adjective that starts with the same letter as your name and I was laughing so hard cause I thought you were gonna be a real weirdo. (Well, you really are)

It was also the time that we were best friends with Franco and we called our selves the "Gangster Trio". (Pinasosyal lang na Jej at that time) See, tayo pala nag pauso ng pagiging jej sa school. I considered you as my best friend freshman year pa lang and I never regretted making that decision. Thanks for always having my back during those times of you know what. It was also the year of fights cause honestly everybody just loved fights. Hahaha okay you better get what I'm trying to say.

I think we kinda drifted apart during Sophomore year. I'm not really quite sure. I guess it was because we weren't in the same section anymore. The only time we were in the same class was during Freshmen year and all the other years, our classrooms were always beside each other. I guess they couldn't keep us that far apart and they couldn't keep us in the same classroom or else we'd be one hell of a class.

Even though we never became classmates again, we'd always make it a point to hang out with each other whenever we can. (huhu payat natin sa picture. It's so depressing)

Sophomore year was also the year when we had the Chinky Booth and I was the Booth Manager. HAHAHA it was so funny because it sounded so wrong and I don't think we made that much money. Nonetheless, we had great times together.

Special mention also to one of our good buddies, Martin. He's leaving for Canada soon and I just can't imagine how I'm gonna tell him all my stupid stories now. This was taken when we bumped into him during one of Maica's birthday celebrations. Love you buddy! See you soon! Take care over there!

Junior year came and it was one of the years where everyone and everything was so hectic and I remember us fighting cause we didn't get to spend that much time with each other (yuck, parang boyfriend-girlfriend lang eh) It was the year where I needed so much support cause of the elections, dance crew and you know. *ahem boys mo/natin ahem* hahaha okay omg you're so gonna kill me after this. Anyways, whatever happens or will happen, we'll still be there for each other. People come and go but I guess we'll be stuck forever (again yuck ulit) Thanks for always being there to cheer me on during my performances and also taking my pictures. Mwah! Forever grateful for that!

Senior year came and it was so hectic for us because of college applications and college entrance exams and everything just went by so fast! Trusts were tested and I can tell you, tested and proven talaga! Here's to us for surviving and going through high school together and for even graduating together! We did everything together and also gone through so much!

Still can't believe how much we've grown! (oo na, kahit in size) So my forever bro, ngayon na college na tayo, ano na kaya balita sa atin? Promise to always try to hang out whenever we can! Kahit study date pa yan, papatulan ko yan para sayo! HAHAHA. Recto to Taft, kayang kaya!

Here's to:
- 4 years of friendship AND COUNTING BTW
- Being a future lawyer and future dentist
- All the hearts that we will break (choz feelingerang frog na heartbreaker)
- All the upcoming adventures
- Nights that we'll call each other telling how stressed we are
- All the sabaw moments we had, have and will be having
- Graduating Magna Cum Laude (Chos lang ulit)
- Making our dreams come true
- Our jeje boyfriends (WAHAHAH ECHOSERA NA TALAGA)

And to many more!

Happy 18th Birthday again, Maica! Wait til September and it's my turn! Mwah! Love you til the Black Holes end.

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