Saturday, June 23, 2012


3 of my closest block mates celebrated their birthdays in a span of one week. This week was full of activities and honestly I had so much fun! If you've been reading my past blog posts, you'll know how much I love these group of people and how grateful I am for them.

Last Thursday, my best guy buddy celebrated his 17th birthday at Beach!

Happy Birthday, Enzo!

This guy is the sweetest! I remember when I first met this guy, he used to be so quiet and I'd always tease him for being anti-social. Well, he proved me wrong because he'd always end up sitting next to me and talking to one another. Sometimes he'd text me about the most random things and he'd call me which is sometimes really annoying because he'd end up reading the readings for one of our subjects to me. Even if you're a year younger than me, I'd still think you're pretty retarded (-- ano connect...) Well anyways, happy birthday again Enzo buddy! :)

Sarah celebrated her also 17th birthday last Monday and sadly I don't have a picture of us during the celebration. But fortunately (well, not for me) she's super addicted to photo booth and my laptop is full of her different faces. HAHAHA love you, Sarah baby!

Sarah is one of the craziest people in the block. Too bad she's part of the other half of the block so she's separated from us whenever we have our math appreciation and fit well class. Nonetheless, I love this girl to bits! She's always there for you whenever you have stories to tell her. She's also my cutting/gala buddy. Hahaha, super grateful for this girl because she never fails to make me smile and laugh. Happy 17th Birthday again, Girl! Time out soon! Mwah!

Last but not the least, Vjohn! Vjohn's birthday was last Wednesday but we celebrated it yesterday. Bongga celebration because our group went to Rockwell to watch Kimmy Dora 2 (which btw is 10000x funnier whenever you're with a group of friends who don't do anything but laugh at the most little possible thing). After that, we went to Rockwell Club to eat. I love the place and Vjohn just really made the whole thing really special.

Vjohn came from LSGH and it's surprising that he's always with us group of girls (except for Enzo cause he always gets lost doing something else) Vjohn's the sweetest guy and he's like our daddy. Super thankful for him also because you can also tell him about everything and his laugh is always the funniest. This guy is really born to be a leader cause aside from being the block's president, he also used to be the president for LSGH's student council. Love you, BIHON!

And lastly, I'm just trying to procrastinate. I've been staying in One Archer's for a week now and right now, I feel so lonely. I have tons of school work to do and I haven't started on anything yet.

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