Saturday, March 3, 2012

Daddy Essay

I was cleaning up my papers in my room this morning trying to look for papers which I can still recycle or those that I can give to my mom to send to the junk shop. Just so I can reduce the clutter in my room while making space for more paper in the years to come when I get to college. 

While scouring my mountainous pile of papers, I came across an essay that I wrote about a year or two ago. It intrigued me because I couldn't remember when I wrote it and for what subject it was for. When I started reading it, I realized that my essay was about my dad.

I decided to give it a little respect and typed it here before adding it to the pile for recycling. Just to immortalize it a bit.

My Dad as my Real life Hero
by Isabelle Alexis Perez Yason

They say that the proudest moment of a father is the moment that he gets to hold his first born. It's also the moment where a new journey will begin. It's the time when his disciplining skills will be put in to the test but also his patience. In my case, he'll be protecting his first princess. He'll spend most of his time changing our diapers or putting all of his efforts to put us to sleep. When we'd cry in the middle of the night, he would wake up from his sleep and cradle us until we fall back to sleep and hopefully still in his strong arms. From the time of birth until my present teen years, he has always been there to support me.

When I was younger, I remember that he would always bring me with him to play golf with my brother, Jolo. He also used to bring us whenever he'd meet up with friends or go to the shooting range of Bilibid in Muntinlupa. I adore how active he used to be in politics whenever my tito would run and I guess that's where I got my first sight of Philippine politics and the want of always meeting people. As the family grew, he also withdrew from those glory days that I used to look up to.

Puberty came for me and I guess that's when I entered my rebel stage. I'm not that kind of rebel with body pierces and wild parties but I'd always find myself at home, grounded and dying of boredom. I'd usually think that when I grow up, I'd leave the house as soon as possible and start my life alone, as an independent woman. I guess what I wanted during those times was freedom and all fun. I used to envy my friends who would always hang out in Town and I'd always be stuck at home. But now I realize that it's not all about fun and games. I guess it was just a phase that everyone goes through. In this phase of my life, I used to drift away from my parents thinking how evil they were to keep me enclosed at home. I don't think they noticed but I would try my best not to make conversation and only answer to them when they'd ask. I used to think that my family name was the worst name ever because that's the reason why I can't be like normal kids who can go anywhere they want in my area. That's where I was wrong. My dad trying his best to be patient, would always talk to me in a calm way but I really wouldn't react to it.

I only started to appreciate my parents now. Now that I'm 16, I know what I'm capable of and I know what I'm worth. I know what path I wanna take and it's all because of my dad. Until now, he still amazes me. He's currently studying Law which he really wanted to do ever since he was in college but only got the chance to do it now because of the school that he help build up. He amazes me that anyone that I meet on the street and would ask me if I was his daughter, I would proudly say yes. His people skills rubbed off on me and I guess that's what I'm proud of. I'm a people person. I love meeting new people and try to help them in any way possible. Just like what my dad would do. I feel proud that I'm my father's daughter. He would always support me, support us, in whatever endeavor that we would get in to. And I guess that's what other parents would do. They'd support their children in every way possible. He may not be a doctor like the rest of my family but yes, I am proud to say that I am my father's daughter.


  1. Naiyak naman ako!!!! I can't sleep tuloy! Ka-inis ka!- Papa

  2. I remember when you were 3 years old too your Dad always tag you to Sweat gym (owned by your family). While your Dad teaching aerobic class in front of us,you were also in the front trying to learn the steps..I always tell your Dad, he can retire and have you as the trainer..Yeah! that's your Dad!!He is always proud of you even at your early age.. That is why I don't blamed him being over protective at you..hahaha!! regards to everyone at Christ The King Badminton!!

  3. A very inspiring essay, it really touch my heart.....while I am reading this my eyes are full of tears......Your such a wonderful daughter "ISAY".....You're getting mature already learn to appreciate how much your Dad loves you......keep it up!......Actually, while I am reading this I also remember some of your sentiments....but I'm glad because your such a mature girl.....


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