Saturday, March 3, 2012

Study Habits

My last final exams in High School will start on Monday and I'm not even studying yet. Even though for now I'm just exempted in Political Science, which is my favorite subject, I'm still too lazy to study.

I've noticed my study habits. It's been same since I was a Frosh but I try to make it better every time.
They may be good or bad (mostly bad) but it really works for me.

1) Every term, I recycle my papers. I don't just throw them away. All the papers which I can still use, I set aside especially the ones with the back pages. The ones that I can't use anymore, I compile them in one box then give it to my mom who sells them in the junk shop or in whatever recycling plant she goes to. I swear, it can really help the environment and whatnot.

2) I have this clear book where I keep all my papers in every subject. Before the exams, I organize them by order and separate them from the hand outs and then staple them all together.

3) I download all the files from the school website which I can use and print it using the papers I recycled earlier. I know it's not environmentally friendly to print all those lessons again but at least I got to save the earth even just for a little while.

4) It helps for me when I highlight my handouts. It's easier to review them again since you know where the important stuff are. (Yes, I know they're all important. Find the really important ones)

My best friends while studying? 

Laptop, Internet, Printer, Aircon (especially in this heat), Phone, Highlighter, Gel pens and Paper.

I always procrastinate and find the lamest excuse for not studying. But once I actually "fulfill" that excuse, you'll actually find me studying.

Believe it or not, I like studying. Just give me the perfect mood, temperature, materials and workplace and you'll find me staying there for the longest hours. Not kidding. If I wasn't lazy, I would probably be really smart. HAHAH AND I DO BELIEVE SO.

I also don't like studying at home. I tend to sleep and do other stuff because I'm in my comfort zone. It makes me lazier than I already am. I also don't like it when either the sun hits me or when it's too hot because I easily get irritated once I feel the heat but I honestly get to study better at night.  

Also, try studying with a friend. That way, you wouldn't lose interest in studying and you get to help each other out. It really works for me whenever I study with my good friend, Maica. 

Look for a comfy bookshop or cafe where you can get free Wifi and at the same time have a relax ambiance. We used to go to Starbucks just to study and we'd end up studying. And I'm not kidding! 

Don't forget to take breaks also. And not those "breaks" where you'll end up not studying anymore. Walk around the place or grab something to eat. Don't kill yourselves.

Oh, and the thing about me? I study best when I lie down. HAHAH I don't know why. It's just me.

Happy studying! One last push for the Seniors! :)

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