Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hair Problems

Should I cut my hair?
 And that is the question. 

I've been wanting to cut my hair even before Prom but my friends keep on telling me to let it grow just a bit more. Now that Prom is over, should I let it grow a little more just for Graduation and Grad Ball?

The shoulder length hair do is what I want since it will be easier for me to fix. But I wanna keep the long hair do cause when I actually get to bun it, it gets those temporary curls that I love and think are really sexy.

Which should I choose?

Shoulder length or let it grow?

I was also thinking about the bangs. Like full on or just on the side or let it grow so that I wouldn't have to worry about it.

I was also thinking about experimenting with my hair. I wanted to dye it jet black just so I'd know what it would look like but I was thinking that I wouldn't get my original hair color back which I love since it light brown. I also love it because when I get exposed to too much sunlight, it sometimes turns into golden brown which looks heavenly but at the same time unhealthy. 

Huhuhu I can't decide. May the hair goddess help me.

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