Thursday, February 16, 2012

Last Prom

Last Monday, Conrado asked me to go to prom with him. And here's how he did it. :) Heehee, sorry I'm such a cheese ball.

He asked me during recess. It was suppose to be during brunch but I had dance crew practice. Anyways, Kiana asked me to go with her to the canteen. Kiana being the innocent and fail girl that she is, gave me the impression that something was up. HAHAH I STILL LOVE YOU THOUGH! :* We went to the canteen and bought NOTHING. Kiana's the type of girl who's lazy to actually walk so going to the canteen buying nothing was suspicious. And her phone kept ringing. Hindi pa siya silent ah! HAHA

When we got back to the main building, I saw some people attempting to go up the staircase but when they saw me they just walked away.. When we got nearer, I saw Audrey holding her camera and telling me to go up the stairs. When I looked, my friends were on the staircase holding an illustration board with song lyrics. It was actually the lyrics of my favorite song! Remember this? Well, he just changed some words to make it fitting for prom.

When I got to the top floor, he was there with a guitar in hand and sang the whole song. I didn't hear it too much though since he was kinda shy but I knew the song by heart so I just filled it in. 

Last year, he was asking me to prom (in a jokingly way) for a week straight and it just turned out to be a joke for the both of us since we're just best friends. Now that he actually asked, I'm actually happy to go to prom with my best friend. 

Here's the embarrassing part. I actually told my mom about the video and she shared it in Facebook 3 times. Excited? HAHAHA Mom's such a cutie pie. 

So here's the video of the whole thing taken by Audrey! She actually blogged about it also. Check it out here!

Thanks for the effort! Hope you'll wear a black or white tie. :) Forever alone no more.


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