Monday, February 20, 2012

Jolo's 16th Birthday

My brother's finally 16! YAY! He's so happy since he'll be able to get his driver's license already. Last Saturday, we celebrated his birthday so here's what we did. :)

In the morning, I went to Zobel first to play Bingo with Diego and also to meet up with Conrado. After that, we went to town and then festi to look for Jolo's ice cream cake. 

After eating lunch at home, we went to CCP to watch Mamma Mia! I have relived my childhood!! Not kidding. Oh, and we saw Camille with her family there also! :) Too bad we weren't allowed to take any pictures inside since the guards confiscated my camera :(

Fact: We used to have this karaoke in my Lola's house and all day I would just sing Abba songs which Mamma Mia was full of! The whole duration of the play, I was just singing. 

After watching Mamma Mia, we went home again to pick up my dad and we all went to Tagaytay together with Conrado and Abby! :) We also tried flying a paper lantern but the wind that night was too strong that it burned it and it was scary since it might burned the other houses down. :(

We ate in Platito and guess who we saw! 

Ms. Bettina Mangubat! If you haven't seen her creature feature in my blog, check it out here! :)

I die. It was too cold up there. Thanks for lending me your leather jacket, Conrado!


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