Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Style Confession

A few days ago, I've been seeing blog updates from fellow bloggers about something "Coming Soon". I checked it out and I was amazed with the pictures that I saw of them! I really found them pretty and it really made me want to tune it to what was happening and since they were launching it in New Year made me want to wait for it. Pang-professional level! 

Ever since I started this blog about a month ago, The Style Confession was really a blog that I visit everytime I log in to blogspot. I'm serious! Their outfits are really something to look forward to. And to know them personally since they're also my batch mates makes me want to really make an effort into reading their posts. #stalkermode. HAHA PERO DI NGA. Maganda talaga siya, I swear. :)

The 3 girls behind The Style Confession are [L-R] Aggy Albotra, Louie  Aldip and Ekay Modina

Last night at around 1 AM, Aggy texted me to check out their blog. Syempre, I got excited cause I've been waiting for this "big reveal"! And I was not disappointed. She called me afterwards and I could really hear it in her voice that she was happy with the results and that they've been really planning this for a really long time.

Oh diba? Pang-professional talaga! ♥

The pictures were taken by Angel Castillo which I just stole from the girls' blog.

Sino naman di matutuwa na thousands ang views diba? Congrats to you 3 talented girls! 

So make it a habit to check their blog for updates whenever you're online! It's really a wonderful fashion blog that can go miles! 

Aggy AlbotraTwitter and Facebook
Louie AldipTwitterTumblr and Facebook
Ekay ModinaTwitter and Facebook

And also the photographer!
Angel Castillo!

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