Saturday, September 15, 2012

Minor no more

I threw a small dinner/debut for myself last saturday, September 1. I only decided to have that party less than two weeks from the big 18 so can you just imagine how much stress and fights I had to put up with especially with my mom. (hayayays, hi mommy.) Nevertheless, I'm grateful that it actually pushed through.

The place is called Veranda Lounge in Sucat and it was just a small bar-ish veranda which had a great view of the boat lights in Laguna Bay at night. It was outdoor so can you imagine my devastation when it started to pour really hard that night. I guess I wished for the wrong wish. 

My wish was: "Please don't rain on my birthday"
What I should have wished for: "Please don't rain on my birthday PARTY" 

It wasn't raining the day before and when the clock struck midnight, it stopped raining. HOW ANNOYING. Oh well, let's just say they were all blessings. :)

Well, I looked like a cupcake on that day, to be honest. Haha I'm not used to being the center of it all so it first was pretty weird and I really wasn't used to it.

Just a few shots from the small party. Thanks to everyone who came! Really appreciate it despite the rain. :)

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