Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bianca is a baby forever

Bianca is my block mate and good friend from DLSU. When I first saw her in LPEP, I didn't think that she was already turning 18 because she has this fresh and youthful look on her face. Even if we're 9 girls in our block barkada, I could really say that we're all pretty close with each and every one.

Yesterday, we attended her debut in Megatent and I had a loss for words. We have actually been practicing for her cotillion for about 5 weeks (I only attended 2 practices hihi) and her parents have been so nice and supportive that they even made dresses and polos and even bought shoes for us. Talk about bongga! But still, the Soriano family has been so down to earth and very thankful for the blessings that they have. Good job to my cotillion partner, Enzo! We only practiced together twice... HAHAHA. Sorry for my fats.

I got to Megatent at around 10 in the morning for the general rehearsals and it was pretty amazing to see the sorta empty tent turn into something so magical in a few hours. After practice, we went to Richmonde hotel to get ready (again, thank you to the Soriano family for everything!). We got our hair and make up done and at around 7, we went back to the venue.

I was surprised when I found out that Sam yg was the host so I just really had to take a picture. HAHAH *fangirling*

After the cotillion, I dressed to my other gown and joined the rest of my blockmates. Can I just say that everybody looked amazing??

Love my girls forever. Missing you, Zombie!!

And the peg for that night was RED.

Hi Mark! Zobel-Block represent!!

ABS-CBN Teleserye daw. Hahaha sorry, we just really had to.


 Hi, guys. Meet my bodyguards / running mates next sem. CHOS.

Cheers to more fun times with you, Bianca! :)

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