Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hello, College!

I bet you guys missed me so much. :) Nyahaha sorry for being on hiatus status! I've been very busy with school and usually I have nothing to blog about which makes my life very boring.

Well, first thing's first, I'm officially a college student! School started out last May 24 and believe me, I've been having fun ever since! I love my schedule, my subjects and most especially my blockmates. They're the best people and they make attending classes fun and worth while!

We also made our own version of the ever popular Call me maybe video!

Sorry guys! I know all that you could hear was my nasty voice singing :(

Oh! And guess how we taped that video!!! Yeah buddies, you guessed it right! I finally got my MacBook Pro! Ahh, beyond happy! I feel so blessed and it makes me want to study all the time cause it's just the best gift ever! Hahaha, guess no more gifts for me on my birthday :(

I've been pretty stressed out with school work and believe me, I've really been studying my butt off.
I'm not the reader type and to imagine that I'm taking Political Science as my Pre-law. I've been reading everyday before I sleep and I read when I wake up whenever I don't have classes.

So, I'll be trying to blog more in the upcoming days. Just pray for Wifi all the time!

Break lang from studying - di na kaya ng ulo ko eh.
Love, Isay :)

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