Friday, March 23, 2012

Summer '12

Summer's right around the corner!  It's time for my Summer 2012 bucket list! 

1) Lose weight through gym, badminton, running and probably dancing
2) Read the books I posted here
3) Go to Ilocos with my Senior class
4) Visit CamSur again this summer like we usually do
5) Get lazy on a beach with a book and a new bikini
6) Shopping for college clothes
7) Make a song cover with a friend
8) Visit a foreign country or a place in the PH where I haven't been to
9) Go to Corregidor Island
10) Explore Manila
11) Be a radio DJ
12) Do regular blog posts
13) Catch up with old friends
14) Keep in touch with recent friends
15) Fix broken promises and relationships
16) Learn how to take good pictures
17) And how to post process those pictures with Photoshop
18) Give my blog a much needed upgrade
19) Travel, road trips and travel

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