Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spread the news, Make KONY Famous

Many people have been sharing this video on Facebook. Since last night, I've been getting links to watch this and also BBMs. I strongly encourage you to watch this video. I don't think 30 minutes is too much to ask for a social problem like this.

Please watch this video and learn who Joseph Kony is.

He is the first person on top of the International Criminal Court's Worst Criminal List. I hope Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago watches this video since she will be taking her oath in the ICC this March or May. I really do hope that she does her best in this case. Please raise support for his arrest and I really do hope and pray that this reaches out to her so that she may too be aware. I believe that she may be the representative of the Philippines who will be able to take a big part of this issue.

It's just so crazy how one man can do so much damage. I also believe that a bunch of littles will eventually make a huge difference. By spreading this video and by raising support, that difference will one day become a reality.

Please by inspired. Let us give the world's youth a better tomorrow to live in. Not just in our country, but also in Uganda and also in affected countries. Let's not allow these children to suffer. Let's not let these boys become child soldiers and these girls become mere sex slaves.

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