Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Last Dance

Last Thursday, I had to go back to school to attend the Club Recognition and SRCC Turnover since we were performing. I felt kinda sad since it will be my last performance with the DLSZ Dance Crew.

I'm gonna miss the group so much! I doubt that I'll be dancing in college since I need to focus on my subjects. While we were preparing back stage, I kinda thought to myself that this is probably the last time that I'll be able to hang out in the dressing rooms again. I just wanted to make the most out of the time that I had there before performing.

Nica! I love you so much! Heehee, we love the lights in the dressing room too much ♥

Oh, and I got an award!! Teehee!

Practice lang for Graduation. Heehee. :)

With Daddy Eds. Thank you for being such a wonderful adviser, dance club moderator and kachickahan. I'll miss you so much, sir! :)

And hello to Sir Mark oberdur. We don't have a picture together. :(

Thank you to Conrado for taking the pictures and the video! :)

Presenting to you, the Seniors' last dance. ♥
And I believe that the Juniors will do great next year! Take care of the Crew and Sir Mark! ♥

Isay Yason, DLSZ Dance Crew 2010-2012 taking my final bow.
Thank you and Goodnight ♥


  1. Thanks Isay!- Sir Manalo

  2. oooh I'm in your blog, kiligerz me! Will miss you so much :( :( :(

  3. Syempre, ikaw pa. Love kita eh! Mwah! :*


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