Friday, March 23, 2012

Just before the big day

After our Baccalaureate Mass, I went to Town with Maica to get our nails done in CANS. I just noticed that we do almost everything together. -_- Can't believe we've been best friends since Freshmen Year! Look at us now! We're graduating tomorrow!

We got the same nail polish. Nude! Since her dress will be orange and mine will be purple. 
FACT: I never got a perfect mani/pedi ever in my life because one way or the other, there will be something to mess it up while it's still wet.

Remember my hair problem? Well, yeah say good bye to my long hair! Because I chopped it off.. It's actually longer than the length that I originally wanted. I have this habit of cutting my hair whenever "something" comes up. Maybe next time. ;)
After the grad practice yesterday, we went to Regine's in Town to get our haircut. Originally, it was only suppose to be Maica but since I was there, I got one too! :)

FACT #2: I never had my nails and hair done in town ever in my whole entire life so what happened today and yesterday was a first for me. HIHIH And it all had to be with Maica. HAHA LOVE YOU! 

FACT #3: One of the first things that we did together in Senior Year was to get our blood samples at the same time. And I almost fainted because of that. :(

And of course, we look like twins.... -_- Except that I have brown hair.

Woohoo! 4 years of friendship for us! Freshmen Buddies!

I also got to reunite with my trio during Freshmen year! It was Franco, Maica and I. Okay, Jej na kami.. We used to call ourselves the Gangster Trio...-_- HAHAHAHA JEJ NA JEJ

Jej forever and always. Our first fair as high school students.. HAHAH

I also saw Danni's Grad Ball Proposal to Luis last Wednesday in CPK! Uber cute! Sorry for the blurry pictures. :(

Tomorrow's the big day! 
Just a sneak peek with my seatmate, Joey! 

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