Friday, March 23, 2012

Baccalaureate Mass

We had our Baccalaureate Mass this morning in the CPA and I could not believe that it was our last Zobel Mass. I could honestly say that I took that Mass very seriously especially with my seatmate, Dimple. :) 
After the mass, Bro Den had a small speech for us. It was from Philippians 4:13.

He said that there was a farmer and his horse fell down a well. Knowing that this horse wouldn't get out of the well and would probably die. So the farmer got a shovel and started to throw dirt and soil into the well. Of course, the horse went hysterical. With the willingness to survive, every time that the farmer will throw soil into his back, the horse shaked it off and stepped up. Every time the farmer will do that, he would just shake it off and step up. He kept doing that until he reached the top of the well and stood there tired but triumphant.

He said that we could all relate to this. In all of our problems, all we need to do is shake it off and step up until we succeed. I guess the grade school and high school graduating students can all relate to that. Even though how prepared we may be for the next chapter of our lives, there will always be problems that will stop us in our paths. So all we need to do is to shake it off and step up.

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