Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grad Ball Asking

Prom is when the guys go out and ask the lovely ladies of their lives. But when Grad Ball is right around the corner, these lovely ladies get their creative juices on and come up with the most bongga way of asking the men.

May it be friends or something else, I know that they'll always do their best in coming up with something really neat. I asked Conrado in the best way I could think of (of course with the help of my beautiful mommy. Mwah! Thanks for the help! ♥)

Even if I post the video here, most of you wouldn't really understand since it was really dark and I bet you'll all get lazy watching it since it's too long. Here's what happened :)

Well for starters, He already knew that something was up. I already moved the date but still he found out since he told me that it was too obvious. He said that people mysteriously kept on asking him if he wanted to go out and hang all on the same day. HAHAH.

He was actually forced by his mom to not go home before 7 pm (1st giveaway) so he stayed in Gelo's house to play some video games. Then Kiana and Kiko asked if he wanted to go jogging (2nd giveaway). So anyways, Kiana, Kiko and I arrived in the place to start setting up the balloons and the paper bags and after that we went to Gelo's house to pass the time. We realized that it was too early so we went out for a walk and even visited Kiana's old school which is TLC. After which we hanged out some more and then when Chino texted me that he was there already, Kiana and Kiko said bye to us and said that they were "leaving".
I was still texting Kiana though (3rd giveaway) and finally when the sun finally said goodbye we started walking again.

Grad Ball Plan:

He entered the gate and saw the candles there already lined up. He went up the stairs and popped the balloons which had something inside. After reading them all he looked out the window and saw me there with the signs! YAY! HAHAH 10 minute video and that's it lang pala.
After that, we went to Johnny Rockets and ate dinner.

I love these two forever ♥

Hello, meet my Grad Ball date

Heehee, thank you friends! I love you all for helping! Now to look for a dress. ♥

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