Saturday, March 17, 2012

Adios, DLSZ Dance Crew

We had our Senior's Farewell Party so the undergrads had some sort of surprise for us. :) 
They covered our eyes and traveled so long only to end up in Junior A. -_- HAHA and they prepared a video for us! 

President and VP talaga ♥

We gave our last speech to everyone and then before Monchoy gave his, we announced the new officers! :)


President: Gianna Bautista
Vice President: John Paul Galicia
Secretary: Apa Regondola 
Treasurer: Tina Ocampo

Take care of the crew, officers! You guys will do great. xx

Seniors ♥ Missing Abby, Krstine, Audrey and Maegan

 Love you twins! Friends by birth? HAHAH

Always take care of the crew because this group is important to me 


  1. I LOVE YOU!!! :( Will definitely miss you in the crew!!! :( :( -tinabets


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