Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm a busy bee

I'm sorry for not being able to blog for a week :( I've been so pre-occupied with school work and dance practices. Who ever said that Senior Year was a chill year? 

Here's an excuse why I haven't been blogging: *btw sorry for the ugly pictures. I don't have my camera right now because my parents brought it to Cebu

1) I unexpectedly got a new baby! Say hello to my new Blackberry Curve and cute pink bunny case! 

Queenie was suppose to be the one to get the new blackberry but since I was there, I got one also! Although, I wouldn't have money anymore for the next few months since I have to pay for the plan... 
Add me up! :) 286E1EED

2) I got my CSB acceptance letter! 

3) Dance Crew Practices

We'll be competing this Valentine's day in University of Perpetual Help in Las Pinas! If you guys have time, drop by and watch us perform! And if I'm not mistaken, I think we're going to perform also in DLSU for the University Week? I'll update you guys! I promise! :)


It's getting so annoying already.. I wanna graduate just to stop the studying but then I just don't want to leave the school and my friends behind

5) Helping my beloved friends ask people to prom! 

So far, I've helped only 2 people! Kiko asked Kiana and Fuji asked Dani! 

Here's the video that Kiko made and Conrado edited! :) I honestly cried while the video was playing.. EMOTERANG FROG. HAHAHA IT'S NOT EVEN A VIDEO FOR ME.

And here's a video during the actual prom asking! I think this was edited by Audrey
And I've been watching all the other prom askings around the school! Such cutie pies! ♥

Here's a video made by the Juniors! It's the prom proposals just combined into one video with a beautiful song by Taio Cruz called Falling in Love!

Forever alone lvl 892639

Bm also asked Erika! I wasn't there though. :( But here's a video from Audrey also! :)

He dressed up as a guard! How sweet!!! x

Please be patient with me.. I've been doing a lot. I promise by next week I'll be blogging a lot more! :) And I promise to bring my camera more next week! :) 

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