Thursday, February 2, 2012

First of many sleepless nights

It's 11:30 and believe it or not, this has been the latest that I've stayed up in a really long time. I really don't like staying up even though I still have work to do (don't follow me hehe) Sorry, I just hate waking up the next day feeling like such a drag and hating the whole world because I didn't sleep. I actually have the same feeling when I eat. So diets don't really work for me also. :( 

I'm staying up tonight cause I had to print 80 copies for my group's English survey, study for my Physical Science Long test and Political Science quiz. I'm also working on a top secret project! :) I'll be having more nights like this in college so I'm trying to get used to it.

I just took a quick break to take time to blog. I've actually been wanting to blog since the start of Feb but I don't have anything to blog about. :( 


My Mom, Dad and I found out that Jolo left his Facebook account open! We're so mean...

MY MOM AND MY SISTER ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT GIRLS IN MY LIFE. ONLY THEM. I LOVE Glenda Perez Yason AND Isay Yason!!!! They help me in everything! Feeding me, bathing me, doing my homework, putting me to sleep and bringing me to dates. :D
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Oh! And say hello to my good friend, the president of Dance Crew and a really good singer, Monchoy De Leon! This song has been stuck in my head since we watched their class music video in music class yesterday!

monchoy deleon
 it's first crush heartbreaks!!:))
You will fall in love with him, I swear! 

The Senior H 2011-2012 Grad Song Music Video
Ain't Goodbye Sung and Composed by Monchoy De Leon and Lance Dela Rosa
Video done by Nicole Tiamson

I'll upload the video of my section when I get my hands on it. :)

With that, I shall go back to my all night studying! Adios!

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