Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week Ender

My week is finally over! 

This week was a good mix of stress and chill for me! It's card distribution tomorrow (uh-oh) so today's my last day of classes.

Recap: UST and UP released the entrance results yesterday and a lot of my friends are happy with the results. Like this guy over here!

Applicant Number
2012 - 11963
Applicant Name
May 20, 1994

First Choice

Second Choice

Congratulations to everyone who passed! It feels good to know that you already have a school to go to this May/June, right? :)

#itsmorefuninZobel also trended worldwide for a moment last Sunday! Go school spirit! ♥ 
Here's a few of my favorite posts 

 Adrian Reyes 

Leaving school using an exit pass. Feeling like a boss. B) 

Henry Magahis
Mga nakakatawang tanong ng mga estudyante.. Teacher: Get 1/4; Student: Sir puwede 1/2? :) 

gabby florescio

Lara Murallos
": Teacher's Day: The only day when it is acceptable to smudge cake on your adviser's face." 

Meg Galicia Torrente
Yun oh! HAHAHAHA RT Monching! 

And I even tweeted my own thought of why #itsmorefuninZobel 

Isay Yason
That 5 minute party while waiting for the next teacher 

Reading everything made me rethink my whole "Zobel" experience. How time flew by, friends and memories made. I've been always excited with going to college but now that I'm graduating in 2 months and counting, it just makes me want to stay where I am. I love new things but I guess this is one thing that I really want to keep.

During thele time today, Martin stole my pink notebook and bullied me to the ultimate level! He didn't return it even though I was begging him already! And Sir Agpaoa even saw me begging Martin but what he did was he made me answer a question on the board that I didn't know anything about. -______- Thanks a lot, Martin.

So anyways, he read EVERYTHING that was in my notebook which was super personal by the way, and he wrote something down also. He told me not to read it until I actually get to write on the page itself but you know I'd still read it even if you forbade me to. Heehee, I found it sweet! 

I met Martin back in 2005 because we were classmates and he used to be such a fat kid! And I remember that he was the one who taught me how to curse even though he'd deny that he did. HAHA, we got close again last year since we ran for the student government under the same party and now we're classmates again and he's actually one of my closest friends in the class who I'd usually talk to about the most random and walang kwentang stories in the world.  Unfortunately, he's going to migrate to Canada next year. :( HATECHU MARTIN, Y U LEAVE -_____-

I guess those are really the highlights of my week. Most of the time, I'd just sleep, laugh and talk. That's it. hahaha

I shall leave you with my songs of the day since I now know how to make the videos bigger! :)

Halik - Kamikazee

Looks like sex - Mike Posner

Domino - Jessie J

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