Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cause baby you're not alone

Right now, I'm pretty much bored and alone cause Conrado recently replaced me with a new game. Girls, please don't introduce your guy to Star Wars: The old republic if you don't wanna be forgotten. Unless, he's really addicted to star wars, then you're probably forgotten a long, long time ago. HAHAHA just kidding. 

But I texted Conrado cause I told him I was lonely then he told me to listen to this song. He made me listen to this a few months back and I cried cause it's so nice! So when you're being lonely cause you've been replaced by some game or just plain alone, listen to this. It'll lift up your mood.

Not alone by Darren Criss


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  1. di ba siya ang bida don sa game? DV rules!


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