Thursday, January 26, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

We were dismissed pretty early yesterday so I decided to go to town with Conrado, Kiana and Marielle and Kiko followed after his practice. Too bad I didn't bring my camera. It was too "Unexpected". HAHAHA, hi mommy. 

When we got to Town, the first thing we did was buy Mochi ice cream in Mochiko! It's a ball of ice cream wrapped in some kind of wrapper. It was so good that we literally returned to the store 3 times within the day! I bought the Cookie Dough, Vanilla and Black Sesame and the Cookie Dough was my favorite! ♥

They're only 70 pesos for the regular flavors and they're really good! I just got the pictures from their Facebook page. You can pass by their store in Alabang! It's located in Casa Susana along Madrigal and in Soderno every weekend :) 

We also ate late lunch in Bon Chon located in the New Wing of Town. Too bad I was feeling a bit bloated that day so I didn't get to eat that much. But I love how their chicken is so crispy in the outside! Yum :)

After all the eating, we went window shopping while waiting for Kiko. All of a sudden, something came up. Me, Marielle and Kiana went running SOMEWHERE. To buy SOMETHING. HAHAHAHA, okay sorry. Inside joke. Next time na lang. Love you girls! 

So now I have this super blooming and amazing rose in my room!! 

Isn't it beautiful? It's really blooming! Heehee, I just love pink roses! I just HAD to take pictures of it since it hasn't even wilted yet.

Oh, and also the Jiu Jitsu competition is this Saturday already! Unfortunately, someone "broke/injured" his shoulder so now he can't compete. :(

We'd still be watching though! So we'll be seeing you guys this Saturday in MOA! :) Goodluck to everyone! 

Sorry for the crumpled up shirt. :( DIBS ON THIS SHIRT. THIS IS MINE FOR ETERNITY. MWAHAHAHA.

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  1. Yup, you did not bring shoes and shorts....I guess you bring that everyday.....


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