Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

What a tiring day!

At around 7:30, I met up with Conrado and brought my sister, Queenie to the Rizal Stadium since today was her  Badminton elimination match for WNCAA. (by the way, she won! Yay! Tomorrow's the Finals!) It made me miss badminton for that moment. :)

After an hour, we commuted to MOA. It seems like everytime we commute, we always get lucky. We don't actually know why. HAHA. It was in the Atrium, Music Hall right in front of the Manila Bay so the breeze was pretty nice. We watched all who competed first! Too bad Conrado didn't get to compete since his shoulder got busted at the last minute. :(

Hello to the pink gi that I want even though I won't ever use it!

Hi, Kuya Manny! :)

For lunch, we ate in Pepper Lunch. I honestly didn't like my food cause I got the salmon one just to "try" to be healthy but it ended up being bland and it was just too expensive for my budget. :(

After that we bought my mom's gift. Too bad I didn't get to take pictures of it. :(

Long day! 2nd weekend that I've been in Manila! Trying to get used to the place and how to commute already! Promise I'll try to take more and better pictures next time! ♥

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