Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Badminton as a Passion

My siblings and I are really into badminton ever since we were little. 

I stopped two years ago because I decided to focus on my studies and it was the time that I got accepted into the dance crew. I figured that it was time for me to do something that I really liked for a really long time and that was my chance. 

Before I stopped, my siblings and I trained in JLTC (Jaime Llanes Training Center) in Quezon City every weekend during school days and almost everyday during the summer. They still do until now actually. Diego's starting to learn also! ♥

The DLSZ Badminton Team was also my family for a time since I'd also represent the school with them. I actually miss training with these guys and until now we're still pretty close friends. :)

What I can never get was those pretty awesome action shots that my brother and other team mates always get. :( 

Enough of me. Heehee. Well, my brother, Jolo is the one who's really good at this game. He's turning 16 in less than a month but he's already represented his school, the city and Metro Manila in local tournaments and also the country in international tournaments! Who wouldn't be proud to call this guy her brother? 

And aside from that, he always gets the awesome and pretty intense pictures! 

Catch him in his next tournaments over the summer!

Queenie's my boyish 11 year old sister who's slowly making her way and carving her name in the badminton industry. Even if she's smaller than her other competitors, she's really fiesty when it comes to the court itself.

She even met the former first lady Ming Ramos who's also a badminton enthusiast :)

Last Sunday, she recently won 1st runner up for the WNCAA together with her Zobel team.

It reminds me of the glory days where we'd just win those tournaments. And now, it's her time to shine!

Love these kids so much! They'll go a long way ♥


  1. Hi Isay! I know that dancing was really your passion since pre-elem. Go for it! But don't forget to study and pray everyday.- Lord Goliath

  2. I'm so proud of you, baby! Imagine, you made a blog that has more pictures of your siblings than yours. That is what a real Ate...Love you....


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