Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The DLSU Frosh

Countdown: 23 days 

For those going to De La Salle University this coming May, we only have 23 days until our first day in college.  Enrollment and LPEP starts next week and I'm honestly excited and nervous for the upcoming weeks. 

I'm pretty lucky because I have a lot of friends also studying there and they tend to give me first hand tips on how to survive being the so called "Frosh". So far I've learned 5 important things.

1) Line up for the elevator early
Like 10-20 minutes early. And they're not exaggerating. When I went to the Bro. Andrew building during my confirmation, you could really see how long the lines were for the elevator. So if you don't wanna waste the number of your lates, line up early. Unless you wanna use the stairs, that's healthy too.

2) Bring an umbrella
The weather in Manila is pretty unpredictable. It wouldn't hurt to have that retractable umbrella inside your bag. Better safe than sorry.

3) Be street smart
I'll be commuting going to and from school everyday and it's pretty dangerous out there. When commuting, try to put money in different places (like the pockets in your pants, wallet, coin purse and another pocket in your bag) Just in case you get robbed, you'll still have some money to get you home.

4) Dress appropriately
You're labeled as a frosh because they know for a fact that freshmen tend to dress up better than upperclassmen. It's not bad. It's just that you stand out. Again, it ain't bad. And you wouldn't want to be stuck in a situation where you're so annoyed because you're uncomfortable with what you're wearing.

5) Don't get lazy
You: Papasok ka ba?
Friend: Hindi.
You: Sige, tambay na lang tayo. 
You're free now. But just regulate it.

So anyways, I'm no college expert. It's just what I picked up. But here are some sites which can actually help you. :)

And Kyawi Medina's Tumblr post :) Tips for the DLSU Frosh

Enjoy! See you guys inside campus! 

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