Friday, March 30, 2012

Summer Jobs

I've been wanting so many things these past few months but the problem is always the moolah and since summer has already started, why not put up your own business? I know this sounds ambitious but hey, you know what they say! 

Libre lang mangarap.

With that said, these three are the possible things that I can do that I just thought of right now.

1) Online Clothes and Accessories Shop - Okay, I possible am the worst person when it comes to designing clothes. But hey, I come up with pretty good ideas and tag lines! So that can be a plus and I market pretty good!

2) Bakery - And again.. I do not bake. At all. I tried baking in Thele class though.. But the cookies became raw. I don't know why. I think when it comes to measuring, everything back fires on me. On the plus side, I love food! And again, I can market pretty well.

*I apologize for the appetizing food that I just posted here. Mmmm..

3) Write for someone - If someone is willing to pay me to write for them. That would be great. HAHA it would put me out of my misery of being bored all the time and at the same time, I would be doing something I'm actually good at. And.... Also it can include some more marketing for them.. -_-

On second thought, all I can do is market stuff.. As long as it pays. Might as well be a marketing student rather than a political science one.

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