Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spiritual Happiness

I haven't been attending morning worships in the Parmenie lately. I haven't also been to any Friday Worships in the Division 1 Chapel. Hey, I know it doesn't look like it, but I actually like going to the Chapel just to pray. It's a place where I'd like to close my eyes and think and communicate to God. You also won't feel alone since there's a bunch of students there who also do the same thing as you. (Yes, I know. Sometimes it feels scary when you're alone in the Chapel)

Honestly, I like attending worship more than attending Mass. But it doesn't mean that I love God any less. I guess it's just the way we worship. Some like sitting down and listening to the Priest and some just like singing it with all their heart. And I can sing worship songs for hours.

I guess one thing that I'll regret about high school is that I didn't join any orgs. I tried though. I went to the Search In interview but I didn't get in. Well, it is pretty hard to get in. I also tried applying for the Youth For Christ (YFC) but I always get late or a lot of people are ahead of me since it's just first come, first served. I part of LSYC though! But then I haven't attended any retreat so that kinda sad for me.

I feel like I've been ignoring God for the past few weeks since I've been so busy with school and whenever I arrive in school, it will be almost first bell which won't give me enough time to pass by the Parmenie. I promise for the next few days before I graduate, I'll try to pass by more, to say a little prayer and try my best to stay on to sing a couple of songs.

I've been making a lot of promises lately.

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