Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Running Dead 2012 - A Race to Stay Alive

Running Dead 2012 isn't just any other ordinary fun runs. You'll be running alright. But you'll be chased by zombies. It's a 7k on and off road and is NOT a race for the faint-hearted. It's a race where you'll actually be FORCED to run faster.

It will also be for the benefit of graduating young athletes from the Super Tri Kids Program.

It's on April 21, 2012, Saturday and the gun-start will be at 5 pm
Target Participants of 1,000 to 1,100 max
Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa

This is how it works 

1) Each participant will begin the race with life ribbons/tags

2) The participants will run a 7k obstacle course of rugged flags, inclines and obstacles. And the twist? the course will be infested with zombies trying to capture your life tags

3) Objective : you need to finish the race with at least 1 life tag

4) If you lose all your life tags, you can still finish the race but you won't win any prize

5) Racers are not allowed to push, punch or taunt the zombies. The zombies can't touch or push a racer. There will be a no rough-housing rule.

6) All participants have free entrance to the Running Dead after party 


1st male and female : 10k
2nd male and female : 5k
3rd male and female : 3k

All qualified runners : A shirt, loot bags and they can also keep their brains. 

There are also different kinds of zombies in the course. Watch out for them!!

Walkers : set the tone of the course. They shuffle and moan and move slowly and only grab a flag if you're very close

Startlers : they hide near obstacles and grab flags at bottlenecks on the course

Runners : their goal is to ensure that no one reaches the final stage with all flags intact

Elite : members of the national team who will make sure that your finish line sprint leads to a personal best

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For inquiries, visit their Facebook page : runningdead2012
or follow them on twitter: @runningdead2012

The guy here is actually my batchmate, Naui Medalla! HAHAH HI NAUI!


  1. are you and nino joining? this would be fun....for sure takot na takot kung kasama si Jada :)

  2. Hopefully! :) More people the better! :)


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