Friday, February 24, 2012

Reconnect with old friends

I just made the biggest realization of my life.. Well, okay maybe it's NOT the biggest realization but I just really need and want to do it.

I'll be graduating in a month. Imagine, after a month I won't be able to see my friends regularly. The seniors have been having a really crazy schedule. The past few weeks have been full of tests, projects, deadlines, research papers etc. that we've all forgotten just to chill the fuck out and relax. And that's what I want to do.

Before I graduate, I need to at least bond with these people and I promise I'll do my best to make that happen. #wishing

1) Junior E - I miss having those chill nights with my Junior class where we'll all meet up in our friend's house and talk about the world and get to know more about each other. I miss how we've all become so close after a year and now that we're all so busy with our Senior lives, we don't get to hang out anymore. So if anyone from Junior E reads this, can we please have a chill session somewhere? Please? I miss you guys so much.

2) Senior F - The last time that we all hanged out was I think after Sayaw Pilipinas? I'm not quite sure. We need to have more food trips. Chicboy again or maybe Soderno? I honestly haven't been that close with this class. I want to. But then I don't know how to get everybody united. I hope after exams, we actually get to hang out somewhere. We've plan a lot of these chill nights, but usually it's not been planned out so nicely or they didn't tell everyone. I hope that at least this last month before we all go, we at least get to spend more time and get to know more about each other. 

3) Dance Crew - Remember those days after practice when we'll all head out to Palms just to eat? Well, I miss that. Or the times when we'll just all order Mcdo for lunch and we'll all eat. I miss us being complete. We all need to bond again. Just for old times sake.

4) Maica - Our usual Starbucks and Town dates. That's all I have to say. I miss this girl. We haven't been hanging out since forever cause we have our own schedules. Study date for exams? Just the two of us? We need to catch up with so much stuff!! And "study" at the same time. HAHAHA well, we do naman talaga. 

5) Lisa, Raina and Kim - You girls know what I realized? We never got to hang out COMPLETELY. HAHAHA you girls talaga. But I won't stop trying to arrange one for us. Love you girls! Hopefully, we'll have a complete date someday before we go to college. Or if ever we're all in the Taft area, we can have our girl date there! ♥

6) Martin, Zach and Andy - I know I owe you guys something cause I won't be able to go with you guys this summer. Hopefully we get to hang out just before Martin leaves? SO MR. MARTIN VALDES, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET WHAT I TEXTED YOU. Chill afternoons at Andy's house one time? Oh, and Andy! We need to bond again like that last time. Love you girl! :*

7) Auds, Erika, Chuchay and Gela - The last time I got to hang out with these girls were during Chuchay's birthday lunch in Shakey's. I miss this group. I miss spending recess and brunch with you all in the Grade 4 area. Hopefully we get to have lunch again somewhere or maybe plan each other's debuts? Either way, I will always love this group. Btw, CONGRATS TO MS. AUDREY NAVIA FOR GETTING ASKED TO PROM!! HEEHEE, SEE YOU TOMORROW BABY GIRL! :*

8) Conrado - I know I spend almost everyday with you, but sometimes I feel bad for ignoring you. We'll try to hang out more since we won't be seeing each other much once you go to UST. Thank you for being so understanding and patient with me most especially when I'm so stressed and become the spawn of Satan.

9) Kiara - You still have a lot to tell me. Hehe, I'll BBM you one time just so you'll update me. I love you and stay happy! You deserve it! >:D<

10) Fuji da Sushi and Kiana Baho - I love you both and I can honestly say that I'm the closest to the both of you guys in the room. Fuji kasi laging Missing In Action eh. HAHAH CLAP THEM THIGHS. Let's go out sometime. The 3 of us plus the caveman?

I hope I get to spend time with these people after exams. Probably after March 9? I miss you all and I hope I get to complete this wish! ♥

Just to sum up how I want everything to be and how everything will turn out to be so perfect.


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