Monday, February 20, 2012

I can't wait to see my own future

This has been me for the past few weeks. Ever since February started, I can't stop thinking about college. I can't stop thinking how life would be for me. Would I enjoy it or would I get so stressed and reach my breaking point? I actually told this to Aggy today. I told her that I'm so ready to graduate. Not because I don't wanna be in Zobel anymore. I mean, I just wanna move on. I'm excited for my new school, my new course, no more math, new friends, old friends that I'll see once more, new adventures, new places, new teachers. Everything new.

I feel bad though. Why do I want to graduate so badly? Maybe because, I just really can't wait to see my own future. I'll regret this one day. I'll regret rushing my teenage years. But oh well, just go for it and dive in. All i know is, I am excited.

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  1. yea...also me, just can't wait. hope to be one of the youngest billonaires.


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