Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome to the heart of Manila

Thank you to Conrado for accompanying me to DLSU yesterday!
Well, here's a recap of what we did.

I met up with him before 7 and we brought my siblings to their training. After an hour, we went to the nearest LRT station to Pedro Gil. 1st time to commute si Conrado! So INFERNEZZZZZZZ. We thought we rode the wrong train but luckily, the train that we rode really passes by DLSU!

When we got to Taft, we passed by Zentea to get my Carnival fix.

 and then passed by Songco's house! :) Hello, Songco and his hospitable family! ♥

For lunch we ate in Rap's! Yummy yummy steak! And cheap also! We were suppose to meet up with Gaby and Peter but she just came from her NSTP so she got to Taft at around 1:30 and we couldn't wait that long. I didn't get to take any pictures since we were just too hungry that we ate it at once. Heehee :)

We passed by Harrison Plaza also to do some "shopping". And the pedicab driver scammed us. :|
Me: Magkano papunta sa Harrison?
Him: 40 
*when we got to harrison*
Me: Eto 40
Him: 40 lang sa isa
Me: Ah. *deep inside* you ....... pasalamat ka nagmamadali ako
HAHAH then went rode the LRT again to go to Binondo and to meet my mom.

Okay, so the taxi driver got us lost. -__- He brought us to the Sto. Nino Church instead of San Lorenzo Ruiz. Oh well, he was nice though so when we got there, we took a pedicab to Juan Luna. 

Since it was Conrado's first time in that Church, we bought and lit a candle and i told him to make a wish!

Scam #2: A guy who gave us mini prayers. He said it was free but asked for "donations". When I gave him money, he said it was 40. -___- I just gave him what I had cause I just couldn't deny the mini prayer book that he gave me since it had Jesus' picture on it. *Sorry, I can't deny old people.

And we got to catch a dragon dance!

I was actually asking him if he wanted to go around Divisoria to look at some stuff but he eventually got tired and we stayed in Starbucks until my mom got there.

What a good day!  Sorry, haggard na kami :(


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