Thursday, January 12, 2012

She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty

I feel bad cause I actually promised myself to blog here at least almost everyday. But since school started, it's been pretty hard for me to just even think of a topic to even blog about and I've been so tired. I've been staying with my grandparents since Tuesday cause my parents are out of town and they decided to let us stay here. Since it's Thursday, I shall recap what happened to me this week and what I've been thinking about.

1) DLSU Results
Reference No.09154
SchoolDE LA SALLE SANTIAGO ZOBEL SCHOOL, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
StatusQualified (1st Choice)
Degree ProgramAB-POM

It got released last Monday and I was so happy that I got accepted into my dream school and dream course! I'll be going to DLSU this incoming school year and I just can't wait! I'll still be waiting for the ACET, CSB and UPCAT results within this month or early Feb. I'm just really happy that I finally have a school! 

2) Sinulog Festival

I love travelling! It just sad that I can't travel by myself yet since I'm still in high school. But I really wanna travel around the Philippines first before going abroad. A few of my friends left today for Cebu to catch the Sinulog Festival and I'm really jealous! I just really hope one day that I get to travel around the country and take part in these festivals

3) Laugh

I feel like all I did this week was laugh. I'm not even kidding! Now that I have new seatmates like Andrew and Gabby, I feel like I've been too pre-occupied and that I'm not even paying attention to my classes anymore. -____- HAHAHA that's the sad part about it. 

Well, that's all. :( Not a pretty good blog post but I just really had to put something here. It's killing me that I don't get to put anything here! I hope I have enough time during the weekend to actually blog about something nice. 

Love, Isay ♥

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  1. You fooled me with your title!!!!!!


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