Friday, January 20, 2012

College Wishlist

I'm excited to go to college. PERIOD. Everyone who knows me well enough knows that I can't stop thinking and talking about college. Honestly, I have no idea what to expect. I'll be heading off to study in DLSU this coming school year and my course will be AB-Political Science! How exciting! But at the same time, I'm guessing I'd probably die haha.

So before I head on to college, I wish I could just have these cool babies with me to bring. And I hope I don't get kidnapped for it or something. HAHAHA *don't kidnap me. I'm too fat to carry.

1) Iphone 4s - because my pink C3 is about to retire because I use it too much and the new iphone can take great pictures plus its white case looks classy

2) Sony Vaio Laptop - since I'm taking up Political Science, there will be a lot of essay writing/typing and readings that I need to accomplish. My black Compaq laptop is just too heavy for my life and I wouldn't want to bring it everywhere I go since its too big so a lighter laptop like the Sony Vaio will be perfect for me. Also, it comes with the color pink! 

3) 2012 Planner - I'll be really busy by May so I'd like to keep track of my time and classes. This planner will definitely suit me since it's really organized inside and really cute in the outside!

4) DSLR - I really wanna have better pictures for this blog and for everything else! I love capturing moments if only I had the right equipment. :( I love my dad's Lumix camera but then I need to buy new lens just to make the pictures better.

Right now, this is what I want. So if you're kind enough to give me any one of these 4 things, I would love you eternally! 

Love, Isay ♥

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  1. noted, just a piece of advice...start saving!


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