Friday, December 23, 2011

Time for Giving

Every Christmas Eve, my family makes a point that we always give out to the needy. It was a tradition started by my grandparents. History will be posted some other time. Heehee.

It's just a little something for them to eat during Noche Buena and usually over 400 people come over to my grandparents' house to receive it. It's like Halloween but a much bigger scale. I personally LOVE this activity because it just makes you feel so warm and cozy in the inside. My siblings and I usually do the repacking every year ever since we were kids and I want my future kids to do the same.

Christmas isn't just about the Christmas lights and the gifts but also about the birth of Christ and how he gave up his life to the world. I hope you also find something meaningful to do this Christmas Season.

Happy Holidays Everybody! ♥

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