Monday, December 26, 2011

Ready to say goodbye to 2011

Where were you 365 days ago?
It actually makes you think how you've changed in a span of one year. The friends that you lost and gained or what events in your life has happened that may have changed the way you think or the way you are. It's these small events in your life makes you who you are. 

A year ago from today, I would've just finished our annual family reunion which unfortunately, didn't push through this year which is why I'm in CamSur right now.
Looking back at the past, I was a carefree Junior High School student who wasn't afraid of taking risks. I would usually make it a point that I get my way and that no one would stop me. 

A year ago on Christmas Eve

I had my share of blessings and disappointments as well.

Thank you God for the blessings you gave me this 2011.

1) Junior E 2010-2011 - This class was honestly, hands down, the best class ever. With this class, I really felt the love and care we had for each other. We had our ups and downs, and  yet everyone's still there for each other. We still have our class lunches and meet-ups. During breaks, majority of us still hang out with each other which is really heart-warming. I hope I still get to keep in touch with this group of people even in college. These are the people worth fighting for.

2) Senior F 2011-2012 - Good people to spend my last year in Zobel. Individually, we all have our special abilities and I believe that when we all work together, we can conquer anything. Only 3 months left until we all part ways and I know that we can still bond as a class. I've shared a lot of laughs and jokes and cruel heart broken stories with these people and they have been really supportive. I love them to bits! 

3) Review Classes Group- During the summer, I attended the College Entrance Exam Review classes in Zobel and fate decided to group me with the most wonderful girls that I can spend it with. Even though that we've been planning to go out since the summer (we haven't actually gone out yet), I still get to bond with these girls during breaks or even just chit-chat in the corridors. When I first saw them in the classroom in the first day, I literally screamed and they made my review classes not boring! Well, we'd usually cut and have lunch in town..... BUT I LOVE THESE GIRLS SO MUCH! So if you girls ever get to read this, you made my summer a whole lot better. 

[L-R] Ra-ina, Me and Kim. Missing Lisa. :(

4) DLSZ Dance Crew- I met this group back in 2010 but I'd want to thank them also. They made dancing extra fun everytime we'd have practices. Every one of them has their own special ability to make me laugh and I'd love to go back to Zobel at least evey year to watch them grow and just teach and learn with them. We'd usually eat somewhere after practices which makes the group extra bonded. Hope we get to participate in more contests and perform in more school programs! Just in time before the Seniors graduate. :(

5) Conrado- You've heard of him in my previous posts and this guy really deserves all the thank yous that I can actually give. He literally made my year special. He's actually one of the persons who know me inside out.  Thank you for all the understanding, love, patience and creativity that you've given me. I know I haven't been the greatest friend to you, but I'd like you to know that you're someone who really believed in me in eveything that I've been going through. Thank you for making my summer the best summer ever. And you know that. :) I'd also like to say sorry for everything that I've done to you and I know you still have that bit of anger and doubt in me. I'm still trying my best to earn it back. I swear. :) So, I'd like to say thank you again. For being a big part of my year.

Now it makes me think what will happen to me after one more year. What does 2012 have in store for me and for all of us? Hope you've had a wonderful 2011 just like me! :)

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